CODE 22 is an expression of defining men's swimwear, underwear an sportswear design. CODE 22 gives meaning to the words balance, confidence and masculinity.

CODE 22 is a concept born from the spirit of innovation and created for men who are in need of minimal yet elegant creations.

Our mission is to find the balance between design, comfort and functionality.

Before conceptualising each collection we work around these three words, when developing each and every garment.

We only use European materials to insure the highest quality standards.

This is why every time you buy CODE 22 you will notice the time and dedication which has been put into each and every design.


CODE 22 is all about self-confidence and being proud of who you are. Finding the confidence to express how you feel through color and design


It’s all about the fit, this is what you will experiment with each and every item. We strive to achieve a sense of freedom when wearing our garments.


CODE 22 is all about free thinking that takes into consideration the sense of freedom as a lifestyle. We are continuously working on new products and ideas based on our CODE 22 philosophy.